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Creations by Debi

About Uncork'D

Creation of Uncork'D

I created Uncork'D, to turn your favorite times spent with friends and a bottle of wine into a story, that you actually get to wear and tell people all about!  I have many Uncork'D creations that use those favorite wine corks OR I can customize yours with your special wine cork.  I am and have been in many boutiques and vineyards.  I am loving life and doing what I love...

Purpose of Uncork'D

Uncork'D is a Specialty Wine Cork Jewelry and Accessories Line designed to promote wines and the good times associated with them!  I have created many custom orders that really warm my heart.  What a cool thing to be able to wear and tell your story when someone compliments your original Uncork'D creation.

"Wine to me is passion.

It's family and friends.

It's warmth of heart

and generosity of spirit."

~Robert Mondavi

How to Get Uncork'D


 Uncork'D has been sold to over 200 boutiques and vineyards.  I am delighted to create a bundle of creations for you!  You can choose from single strand bracelets, double strands, 3 or 4 strand cuffs, chokers, dangles, napkin ring sets, or wrapped cork necklaces.  You can also offer your customers, custom work!  They can bring you the corks that they would like to use in their Uncork'D creations.

Ideas of Uncork'D Creations

The ideas are endless!!!  I have created  bracelets for bridesmaids to wear in a vineyard wedding.  I have made an endless supply of napkin rings for people that have got to use the corks that they have been saving from all their travels.  The most fun has been the bracelets made with the corks from proposals, they get to wear and tell their story.  

Way to Purchase

My website is set up for wholesale purchasing.  Please find what styles and gemstones that you would like to carry in your boutique or vineyard, then I can make it happen!!!  My gallery houses all the styles and an assortment  of gemstones, chinese crystals, sea glass, leather, freshwater and glass pearls.  Have fun shopping in the gallery! 

 All you need to do is send me the numbers of the creations that you would like and I'll let you know availability, wholesale and retail pricing.   If you are a vineyard, I can do all of your creations with your corks!!!  Such a wonderful memory to leave the tasting room with, of your day at the vineyard!!!

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Uncork'D~ Creations by Debi